Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just the Facts.

Regular Hours.
Saturday and Sunday, 11-5.
But wait, that's not very much time.

If we're home, we're open.
We live here too. Most days at least one of us is around.

Best Option.
Call ahead, night before, that morning, days before, all work. Leave a message. We have four buildings and work outside in the yard so don't always hear the phone.

Don't be shy.
We are happy to open up, turn on lights, and peruse. If by chance we aren't your venue that's fine. Maybe you will know someone who is looking for exactly what we have.

Location, location, location.
Although we are in a residential area, The Eclectic Co. is 3 mi. from 69 highway and 10 minutes from 435. Hooray for MapQuest.

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